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Im Elina, 19 years old from Sweden

. I speak Swedish, English and Bulgrian, i do understand abit of croatian and Russian aswell!

Fandoms = Harry potter, pretty little liars, Lord of the rings, Orange is the new black, SuperNatural, Gossip girl, How i met your mother.

On my freetime i hangout with my amazing boyfriend, read ALOT of books, study languages, play computregame and watch series.

I play League of legends, sims 2, rollercoaster tycoon 2 and World of warcraft.

My main on wow is my druid called Elioe. I play on Eu servers. On Draenor to be more specific.

 And i love Diamondprox, best jungler in the world.

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T-Bag + Biting his lips/Playing with his tongue


Diamond returns to the lineup.